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Abdulrahman Al Ansari – Early Life

Abdulrahman Al Ansari is the son of late Mr. Al Ansari and his mother Mrs. Al Ansari. He was born on 1st July, 1973 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Abdulrahman was the second son of their 9 children.

Abdulrahman studied at Dubai School till the age of 11 and then he migrated to California, USA to stay with his relatives and continue his education there. He graduated high school from Newbury Park High School. Abdulrahman later on graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the International University – Missouri and a year later did his MBA from New York University. At the age of 21, he decided to come back to Dubai as he believed there was a better opportunity for him to contribute to his country and achieve his personal and career goals in the financial sector, including investment banking.

He got his first job in the financial sector at ABN Amro Bank as a Risk Control Division Officer and since then climbed great heights in the investment banking industry.

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Abdulrahman Al Ansari

Ansari – History

Ansari is a Nesbat used in the Middle East and South Asia. It originates from Ansar, the Medinan people that helped Islamic prophet Muhammad when he migrated from Mecca to Medina. The literal meaning of Ansar is “supporters”.

The name itself is not used as a surname among Arabs; patronymics are used instead. The word is added as a title to the end of the name, if one has an ancestor who was an Ansar. This use of a name is called “Nesbat” in Arabic, meaning “relation”. In modern times, however, the surname Al-Ansari is widely used in many Persian Gulf and Arab nations. Ansari’s are also located in Sindh province they are basically from Kandiaro and Sakrand. Ansari belongs to royal families.

In contrast to Arabic usage, Persians use surnames instead of patronymics.

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